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JP-12/4 Discrete Mic Pre

JP-12/4 Discrete Mic Pre
JP-12/4 Discrete Mic Pre
JP-12/4 Discrete Mic Pre

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The JP-12 is our representation of a timeless American recording console circuit from the 1970’s. The JP-12, known for its punchy and aggressive tone, uses Cinemag input & output transformers as well as 100% discrete circuit topology.  At the heart of the circuit is a popular “2520” compatible socket which will also accommodate either of our discrete operational amplifiers:  The JJ Electronics 2520J or 1731J.

The JP-12’s 65db of gain is achieved by use of components chosen for uncompromising quality and performance, including military spec  resistors, High temperature, top quality capacitors and ALPS switches to mention a few.
A switchable -10db output pad is also included to allow the circuit to be overdriven to produce the extra warmth and drive that defines the classic API microphone preamp’s world famous tone.

Utilizing our years of personal, hands-on experience, combined with our very own passion for the all American classic recording tones of the ‘70s, we decided to improve upon a time tested, industry standard setting design by integrating  a modern phantom power circuit, selective output pad and DI circuit. We are proud to introduce to you our JP12 series microphone pre-amps.  They are as solid as they look, in every respect.

The JP-12’s standard features include:

  • 65db Gain
  • Cinemag input & output transformers
  • Discrete op amp  (API 2520 pinout)
  • Selective -20db input & -10db output pads
  • Selective phantom power with LED indication
  • Selective phase reversal
  • 1/4 in. High Impedance instrument input


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