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JJE 1731J Op-amp


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The JJE 1731J is our version of the legendary MAP 1731 (Modular Audio Products).  The MAP 1731 was the precursor to the original API 2520.  Our 1731J is an eight transistor design and sounds smoother than our 2520J.  Top shelf transistors, 1% tolerance resistors and high tempature, top quality capacitors are used throughout the build. 

All op-amps are built and tested, by hand, in our production facility located in Black Earth, WI.

The JJE 1731J op-amps feature:

  • 2520 standard footprint
  • Power supply voltage range   +-12v to +-18v
  • High power output capability
  • Very low distortion
  • Very low noise

The JJE 1731JJ op-amp can be used in:

  • Microphone preamps
  • Line amplifiers
  • Combining amplifiers
  • Equalizers
  • Compressors
  • And More!