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JP-19 Mic Preamp


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The JP-19 is nod to another classic audio circuit used in the 1176 Rev. F compressor. The PCB has the same footprint as our JP-12 mic preamp and will fit our 2 and 4 channel enclosures. Cinemag transformers balance the 100% discrete circuit. Low distortion and high output power make the JP-19 a rock solid tone machine, worthy of your most critical sources. Designed to take it a step further, a more robust feedback circuit as well as a switchable output pad allows the circuit to be driven further into saturation for an extra boost of character without overloading your A/D converters. Add in a world class DI circuit, +48v phantom power and Phase reversal. You have the JP-19.

The JP-19’s standard features include:

  • 60db Gain
  • Cinemag input & output transformers
  • 100% Discrete
  • Selective -20db input & -10db output pads
  • Selective phantom power with LED indication
  • Selective phase reversal
  • 1/4 in. High Impedance instrument input


Detailed Specs